The programmable Serf C90 offers convenient interfacing
of your c900 Curtain motors to Auto Flex controls


Circulation vs natural

The exchange of indoor air for outside air is referred to as ventilation. This leads to the exhaustion of warm, humid air and replacing it with cooler, drier air.

Compost pack  for Dairyman

Dairymen are becoming more aware of the benefits of compost-bedded pack barns for cow comfort, health, and production.

Greenhouse Temperature Control Best Practices

Crops grown in controlled environments allow us to produce more and higher-quality produce all year. This principle underpins and sustains modern horticulture.

Farmers that operate greenhouses in the summer

Farmers that operate greenhouses in the summer - when ventilation is a continual need - can save energy and money by replacing mechanical ventilation with natural air exchange.

Greeenhouse enviromental

Using a greenhouse environment control system or automation can greatly accelerate crop production.
The ability of a plant to grow and develop is primarily dependent on photosynthesis.

Greenhouse Ventilation System Design

Excessive greenhouse temperatures cause poor plant development, the need for frequent watering, and fans that appear to run continuously, raising the monthly utility bill.

Greenhouse Weather Station Control System

Greenhouses are natural hot houses that trap heat and produce ideal climates for plants that require regulated conditions to develop in.

Cattle Heat Stress Prevention With Automated Air Circulation

Heat stress has a hefty annual cost of more than $900 million in lost production in the United States. Despite considerable financial investments in cooling technology

Improve Plant Growth With Temp Controlled Greenhouse System

Crops grown in controlled conditions allow us to generate more and higher-quality products all year. This idea underpins and sustains modern horticulture.

How to Maintain Livestock Barn Curtains

There are numerous livestock barn curtains to choose from, but which should you purchase? What matters most is the fabric's quality.

Regulate Greenhouse Temperatures With Environmental Control

Carrots can withstand cold temperatures, but tomatoes prefer it hot. The question is, how do you provide for both in a single year?

Controlled Environmental Systems: Greenhouses and Barns

Any expert will tell you that a growing environment is more than just the temperature of the air. It is a powerful combination of several factors that influence plant growth in a greenhouse.

Rolling Electric Motor

The electric roll-up motor is used to open and close the plastic film on the greenhouse's sides and top. It is also suitable for use in the Light Dep Greenhouse.

Milking Parlor Curtains: Livestock Building Curtains 

The curtains that separate your milking parlor will need to be fashioned differently than your standard barn curtain - for one thing, there will be a lot more up-and-down motion regularly.

The Ultimate Grower

In greenhouse farming, bacterial soft rot is a prevalent illness. Fortunately, growers can utilize various temperature management strategies to minimize bacterial soft rot outbreaks.

The Ultimate Guide for Cannabis Growers

Bud rot, also known as gray mold, is a prevalent disease in cannabis cultivation. It is activated when there is too much moisture in the air and has the potential to destroy entire crop cycles.

Livestock Barn Ventilation Curtain Benefits

Most farmers today prefer to build a barn with fabric curtain sidewalls rather than a solid wall. The pigs, turkeys, and dairy/beef animals are kept in a barn and may require natural ventilation.

Greenhouse Humidity Control and Sensor For Nighttime Humidity

Controlling humidity at night is crucial in greenhouses and grow rooms. Most plants transpire water at night and day, resulting in high relative humidity.

Greenhouse Climate Control For Climate Consistency In Grow Rooms

Achieving and maintaining climate homogeneity in your greenhouse or grow room allows you to control your environment better

Wind damage to  greenhouses

Wind damage is the most damaging of all the adverse effects that climate, elements, and weather patterns may have on greenhouses.

Livestock Barn Ventilation Guide

Your animals are your lifeblood as a livestock producer. Many of them you may have raised from birth, you may spend every day caring for them, and they may help support your family.

Restarting and Cleaning Your Compost Bedding Pack Barn

Compost bedded pack barns are becoming an increasingly popular alternative housing arrangement for many dairy farmers' lactating herds

Fans and livestock ventilation. HVLS and panel fans

Ventilation is required in livestock barns to keep cows and other animals comfortable and productive all year

Dairy Barn Ventilation for Dairy Cows

A dairy cow barn ventilation system must offer fresh air all year, but in the summer it is critical. Fast-moving air where the cows are resting to provide proper cooling is essential.

Does Your Ventilation System Work?

There are many ways to test the barn ventilation. Some common ones are watching how the cows act. You can use a speed map to locate problem areas with the fans.

One of the Most Essential Areas to Keep Your Dairy Cows Cool

A cow's internal temperature can rise rapidly in the holding pen without any cooling system. These heat abatement difficulties necessitate a more robust cooling technique for the parlor and holding pen.

Greenhouse thermostats versus environmental ventilation 

The energy savings are significant when a thermostat with a 4 - 6°F difference between on and off is replaced with an electronic controller with a 2°F difference.

Greenhouse Ventilation Systems

Using a greenhouse environment control system or automation can greatly accelerate crop production.

Seven Tips for Avoiding the Post-weaning Slump

Did you know that within the initial 6 months of a dairy calf's existence, half of its total stature growth and a quarter of its weight gain happens?

Refine Cow Comfort to Increase Profitability

The focus on cow comfort has come a long way in the past 30 years. With this, facility design has also evolved.

Preparing your natural ventilation system for winter

As the summer months give way to winter, we're reminded that even hot weather has an expiration date.

Don't Let Inefficient Fans Rack Up Your Electricity Bill

Did you know that around 20–25% of your total energy expenses come from your farm's ventilation systems?

Don't Let Winter Trap Your Calves with Pneumonia

Shielding young calves from winter weather can be challenging. Sometimes, attempts to protect them from harsh winds and frigid temperatures can unintentionally disrupt proper airflow.

Facility Focus: Back to the Curtain Management Basics

As the calendar pages flip, we once again hit that season—the air turns cold, and the moisture begins to creep in.

Facility Focus: Does Paired Housing Make Sense for Your Calves?

Humans and calves are more similar than we think. Do you know that there is research to support the advantages of raising calves in pairs?

Facility Focus: The 5 Things to Look for in Calf Facilities

It is crucial to customize your facilities because what works for one producer might not be enough for another.

Facility Focus: Is Your Calf Warming Room Ready for Another Winter?

Have you ever dashed into the barn office on a freezing farm day to escape the biting cold? That sudden warmth is an instant mood lifter, isn't it? Newborn calves feel the same way.

Getting ahead of heat stress

In the past four decades, we've seen a massive leap in milk production per cow. These are all thanks to nutrition, genetics, and even management innovations.

Practical heat stress management tips

In the last few years, heat stress management has taken the spotlight in the dairy industry. Global warming is cranking up the thermostat.

Preparing Your Calf Hutch Site

Considering a revamp for your calves housing? Hold that thought for a moment. Planning the perfect calf housing site is akin to devising a stellar marketing strategy—it's all about getting the details right.

Automated Light Deprivation: Is it Worth the Cost?

Farmers dream of harvesting crops multiple times a year, not just once. And guess what? There's a way to do it! It's all about controlling the light in your greenhouse.

Evaporative Cooling for Greenhouses

We all know the relief of a breeze hitting our sweaty skin on a hot day, instantly cooling us down. That is evaporative cooling - a natural process we experience firsthand.

Greenhouse Buying Guide

Setting up a greenhouse involves balancing your gardening goals with your budget. You will want your greenhouse to meet both your gardening needs and your pockets.

Greenhouse Supplies Guide

Starting a greenhouse? This "Greenhouse Supplies Guide" will help you with the essentials. Whether you're a newbie or a green thumb guru, this guide is for you.

What Size of Light Dep Tarp Should I Get for My Greenhouse?

Are you looking to transition your cannabis growth from indoors to the outdoors? Well, light deprivation greenhouses might just be your next best move!

Cool Your Summer Greenhouse

Ah, summer! It's that magical time when our gardens buzz with life and plants seem to grow overnight. But sometimes, Mr. Sun can get too enthusiastic, turning our greenhouses into ovens.

Getting Started with Greenhouse Ventilation Systems

Have you ever wondered why so many growers are fans of greenhouses? There's more than one reason. Some use these handy spaces to give baby plants, like seedlings, a safe start.

Greenhouse Climate Control Options: Get The Heat Out of Here

Are you thinking about how to improve greenhouse ventilation? There's one major decision you should be considering: how to ventilate it.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Barn Curtain System for My Barn?

Are you in the process of selecting a barn curtain system? Well, it's not just about picking the first one that catches your eye; there are some vital things to remember to ensure you get the right fit for your barn.

Ventilation for the Winter Greenhouse

For many people, a greenhouse acts as a protective haven during the winter. They use it to shield plants from the harsh frost that the season brings.

Light Deprivation Supplies

Have you ever wondered how to shield your crops from harsh weather while also making the most out of every inch of your greenhouse space?

Greenhouse ventilation

Did you know that the key to a thriving greenhouse is great ventilation? Let's break down why this is so essential.

Using Light Deprivation to Increase Plant Production

Have you ever wondered how some greenhouse farmers get their plants to grow or flower faster than usual? They might use a neat trick called "light dep" or light deprivation.

5 Things Cannabis Growers Should Look For In A Light Deprivation System

Did you know that greenhouses can be an excellent choice for growing cannabis? Unlike indoor warehouses, greenhouses use way less energy when it comes to cannabis production.

17 Reasons You're Not Getting the Most out of Your Greenhouse Curtains

Curtain systems are vital in managing the climate for many greenhouse growers. But guess what? Many green houses are still not making the most of this super convenient tool, or not using it at all!

How Fans Are Controlled in Greenhouses in the United States

If you're growing plants in a greenhouse, you know the fan's role is super important. Depending on what you're growing and where you are, you might need the fan to work differently at different times.

How Do Automatic Greenhouse Vents Work?

When the weather is super hot, keeping plants cool is very important. Plants, like humans, have their own methods of cooling down in hot weather.

How to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool With Automatic Greenhouse Vent Openers

Greenhouses are excellent solar collectors, but they can sometimes overdo it. Think of it:your plants' pleasant little crib can become an oven in just a few hours.

HVAC for Greenhouses and Indoor Gardens

Are you prepared to give your indoor garden or greenhouse a serious boost? If yes, then you certainly need to invest in a high-quality HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system.

Should You Open Your Greenhouse Every Day?

Did you know that greenhouses are like heat sponges? They're designed to soak up warmth, which is great for your plants. But here's the catch: too much of a good thing can be harmful.

Strategies for Successful Greenhouse Maintenance Planning

Greenhouses are essential for both research and growing plants. They're like plant hotels, where everything needs to be perfect for their green guests.

The different greenhouse ventilation and circulation systems

When it comes to regulating the climate in greenhouses, the right kind of ventilation is essential. The choice of fans and their placement can make a huge difference, depending on your unique setting.

The Importance of Greenhouse Ventilation

The heart of any top-notch greenhouse is creating the perfect environment where plants can flourish. Your greenhouse is a solar energy bank.

The Story Behind Greenhouse Curtains

Greenhouse gardening is on the rise! But did you know that the secret to many successful greenhouses is their curtain systems?

Ventilation in Greenhouses and High Tunnels

Growing plants in a safe place is possible with greenhouses and high tunnels. In fact, high tunnels can make the growing season last longer.

What are common ventilation issues in horticultural greenhouses?

Plants in a greenhouse thrive when they can breathe easily. The way the air moves around matters a lot to them.

What are the benefits of greenhouse curtain systems?

Have you ever wondered how greenhouses manage temperature and light? The answer is greenhouse curtain systems!

Calf Management: A Lesson in Stress Reduction

Raising healthy calves hinges on meeting their basic needs. These essentials range from providing adequate food and water to ensuring comfort, shelter, proper health care and consistent routines.

Consider these options when choosing curtains

When you pass a dairy farm, what immediately catches your eye? You may instantly think about the pungent smell. However, believe it or not, those unfamiliar with the dairy farming industry are drawn to the unexpected: the barn curtains.

Ten Tips to Help Dairy Cows Beat the Heat

It can be downright hazardous when dairy cows face high temperatures and humidity. Dr. Meggan Hain, the veterinarian at Penn Vet's Marshak Dairy at New Bolton Center, warns of the threats such conditions pose to these animals.

Practical heat stress management tips

In the last few years, heat stress management has taken the spotlight in the dairy industry. Global warming is cranking up the thermostat. As a result, we experience relentless heat waves—and not just where we expect them. It's shifting the climate playbook globally.


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