Rolling Electric Motor

The programmable Serf C90 offers convenient interfacing
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Roll-Up Curtain Motors For Greenhouse Vents

The electric roll-up motor is used to open and close the plastic film on the greenhouse's sides and top. It is also suitable for use in the Light Dep Greenhouse. It eliminates the typical manual roll-up hand cranks and achieves faster  plastic film rolling using environmental controllers which monitor the environment. The electric roll up motors from AutoVent offers high torque, high accuracy limits, water resistance, and energy efficiency. It is ideal for usage in a variety of climates and is the finest choice for modern film greenhouses.
We have fourteen years of expertise in designing and manufacturing electric roll up motors. We have created a range of product models to meet the various needs of users (such as power, rotation speed, film roll length, and so on). Every product is born through the combined efforts of our  design and assembly teams. We consistently develop product designs after observing the greenhouse industry and how our customers use the product. , Our electric roll-up motor has been sold worldwide, and we appreciate how well they work. Our after-sales team can also provide quick and effective assistance to your concerns during use.

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Vent Motors and controls

Our 24 volt motors and controls tie in well with your existing system or work perfectly in new installations. Easy installation makes the AutoVent system the right choice for your facility.

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Light Deprivation

Adding a Light DEP system benefits you through an improved product, an increased bottom line, and more eco-friendly growing practices.

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