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Did you know that around 20–25% of your total energy expenses come from your farm's ventilation systems? This data comes from Dan McFarland, a renowned agricultural engineer at Pennsylvania State University. Hence, if you've noticed a spike in your electricity bill lately, it's likely due to the fans you're using.
However, you cannot just shut down your fans to save energy. Cows require proper ventilation to be comfortable. This enables them to thrive and reach their full potential. What you can do is make sure your air is operating as efficiently as possible.
To check if it does, here are three critical areas you might want to look into:

Check the fan's efficiency rating

Fans might all seem like they have a single job - moving air. However, the truth is that there's a vast difference between them. Fan efficiency isn't just about the blades' shape; it's also influenced by the housing design and the efficiency of its motor.
When choosing fans, avoid the low-priced ones. These 'bargain' choices often lead to higher operational costs and frequent maintenance. When in the market for a new fan, it's wise to pay close attention to its efficiency rating. In terms of efficiency, larger fans usually outperform their smaller counterparts.

Make sure the model is crafted for the intended use

Fans are crafted with specific use in mind. Thus, when choosing fans, consider their intended location, be it a parlor, calf barn, or free-stall barn. Once you decide where to put it, it's time to choose a fan. Pick a model that's both well-constructed and efficient. Make sure you perform consistent maintenance. With this, you'll provide optimal airflow to your barn while keeping energy expenses at bay.'

Conduct regular cleaning and maintenance

Regular maintenance, primarily cleaning, can be the most effective way to enhance your ventilation system's efficiency. In fact, dirt on fan blades might seem trivial, but even a thin 1/8-inch layer can drastically compromise a fan's output.
Do you know that skipping regular maintenance, especially cleaning, can slash efficiency by a staggering 40%? What does it mean? It means you're still paying the same electric bill but with the drawback of reduced airflow in the barn.
If you are on the lookout for a trusted company for your ventilation needs, look no further than AutoVent LLC. AutoVent fans guarantee you receive the best airflow without paying exorbitant electric bills. In a world where every kilowatt-hour counts, choosing AutoVent fans is a wise move. Don't allow poor fans to waste your money; switch to Autovent LLC and see how much better off you'll be.

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