Curtain Motors

Our line of curtain motors has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of natural ventilation in dairy and beef operations. Their lightweight yet rugged design provides robust performance with minimal structural forces.

24 volt motors

Ventilation Curtain Drive Motor


Single Shaft 24V Motor
Rated for 75-foot bottom rolling curtain ideal for Doorways and Aisles.

Ventilation Curtain Drive Motor


Single Shaft 24V Motor
Rated for 115-foot bottom rolling curtain

Ventilation Curtain Drive Motor


Single Shaft 24V Motor
Rated for 240-foot bottom rolling curtain

Ventilation Curtain Drive Motor


Double Shaft 24V Motor
Rated for 200-foot bottom rolling curtain

Ventilation Curtain Drive Motor


Double Shaft 24V Motor
Rated for 350-foot bottom rolling curtain

90-120 volt motors

Ventilation Curtain Drive Motor

HBJ-800 & HBJ-760

Single Shaft 120/240V Motor
High speed Wall mount. Often used for parlor dividers

Ventilation Curtain Drive Motor


Double Shaft 90V Motor
Rated for 600-foot bottom rolling curtain

Motor Specs

Part numberOutput shaftRPMTorque output ft. lbsOutput Shaft SizeInput VoltageAmp Draw
CMD-0401Dual3.61730.86"24 DC15
CMD-0180Dual3.6890.86"24 DC7
CMD-0150Single3.61100.86"24 DC10
CMD-0115Single 3.6660.76"24 DC5
CMD-072Single3.6240.76"24 DC3
HBJ-800Single50541"120 AC11
HBJ-760Single50361"120 AC8
C9040Dual33501"90 DC2

Automatic Livestock curtains make for healthier livestock

Temperature regulation:
Livestock curtains automatically adjust the temperature in the barn. They prevent heat stress or weather exposure when controlled automatically. This is because curtain motors operated by an automatic environmental control respond within minutes of a weather change. Compared to once a month when someone thinks of it. The automatic curtain advantage is the greatest in extreme weather conditions, such as rainy or very cold temperatures.

Livestock curtains improve ventilation in the barn. Prevent respiratory issues and other health problems caused by poor air quality. Install curtains with AutoVent motors and environmental controls. You get better results with less effort.
Protection from the elements:
Livestock curtains provide protection from wind, rain, and other elements,which can help prevent respiratory. For example, if a cow or calf pen gets wetfrom the rain, the livestock has a harder time fighting off respiratory andmastitis problems because the bedding turns into manure like conditions.Automatic motorized livestock curtains lower the risk of these diseases bykeeping the rain out and leaving the air in.

Livestock Curtain Motors

Our livestock barn curtain motors work hard to give your barn automatic ventilation. Their lightweight yet rugged design provides robust performance with minimal strain on your curtain. Say goodbye to manual cranks. Hello to automated ventilation systems.


Single Shaft 24V Motor Rated for 75-foot bottom rolling CURTAIN


Single Shaft 24V Motor Rated for 115-foot bottom rolling CURTAIN


Single Shaft 24V Motor Rated for 200-foot bottom rolling vent


Double Shaft 24V Motor Rated for 200-foot bottom rolling CURTAIN


Single Shaft 24V MotorRated for 400-foot bottom rolling CURTAIN

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Curtain motor sizing for livestock curtains

Proper gearbox orientation and review for cattle barn isntallation

What is an Electric Livestock Curtain Motor?

An electric livestock curtain motor is a specialized gear drive. Its low RPM, high torque and limit switches work well for rollup curtains.

It is used in agricultural settings, particularly livestock barns, and is crucial for automating the barn's curtains. The curtains control the internal barn environment and ensure optimal animal health and comfort. They help you regulate temperature, light, and airflow within the farm.

With electric curtain motors, farmers can operate their barn curtains automatically. This benefit is priceless in a wide range of weather conditions. The machine opens the barn's curtains when it gets too hot inside. The same motor is used to shut curtains during colder weather.

These curtain motors are built to last in the damp conditions of a farm. You can quickly install and incorporate the motor's productivity into preexisting computerized farm management systems.  These systems allow you to control and monitor conditions remotely. Your animal management and output can be increased.

Top 3 Reasons for an Electric Curtain Motor

If you are involved in agriculture or cattle farming, installing a curtain control motor can help you in many ways. This product is an intelligent choice for many reasons, as shown below:

It improves animal welfare.

Curtain control motors enhance your livestock's welfare. The animals' well-being depends on a controlled environment, and automated curtain control provides that. Reduced stress and respiratory discomfort from optimal airflow control, temperature, and lighting can positively affect health and productivity.

It offers added convenience and efficiency.

Electric curtain motors make farming more efficient and save time, which is essential for big farms. Curtain automation makes changing curtain positions less physically demanding and time-consuming. You and your staff get more time to focus on other crucial parts of running a farm, which increases total output.

Natural ventilation saves electricity.

Natural ventilation is a significant benefit of using electric livestock curtain motors. Your barn opens automatically in good weather with automatic Natural ventilation. It uses the least amount of electricity since fans run only when needed, if at all. You can reduce your extra heating or cooling system expenses by ensuring the barn is fresh and cool with natural wind flow. 

When you control curtains precisely, you improve natural lighting and ventilation. You reduce energy costs by using fewer lights and powered ventilation.

In livestock barns, motorized curtain systems are essential for managing ventilation and lighting. These systems provide a practical solution for controlling natural airflow and sunlight. However, like all agricultural equipment, curtain systems, and motors can experience wear over time. 

Autovent LLC offers a variety of replacement motors for curtain systems. If you're looking for a specific motor or part and need assistance choosing a curtain control motor, please get in touch with us at (610) 987-0488.

Motor Specs


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