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Ah, summer! It's that magical time when our gardens buzz with life and plants seem to grow overnight. But sometimes, Mr. Sun can get too enthusiastic, turning our greenhouses into ovens.
Do you want to ensure your plants stay happy even when the mercury rises? Here's your summer game plan:

Ventilate Properly: Summer Airflow Tips

You can use these practical hacks to ensure proper ventilation during summer.
  1. Check the Thermostat: Just like you'd check if your room's too hot or cold, always monitor your greenhouse's temperature. If you know what's going on, you can tweak things as needed.
  2. Improve ventilation naturally or synthetically: Both have their perks! Many gardeners blend natural breezes with cool gadgets to give their plants a balanced environment.

    . Team Natural: Open doors and windows to let the fresh air dance in. Place base vents at one end and a louver on the opposite side. It helps the cool breeze glide smoothly from the ground up.

    . Team Gadget: If the natural breeze isn't cutting it, push out that stuffy air with exhaust fans. And for even warmth, circulation fans are your best friend. Also, check out our louvers! Some even open and close on their own, depending on how warm it is inside.
  3. Declutter and tidy up: Keep things neat. Pop your plants on benches or tables. Give your bushier plants a little trim so they're not squishing each other. If some can handle the outdoor heat, place them outside the greenhouse.

Diffuse the light: Gentle Light, Happy Plants

Have you ever wondered how to make your plants grow healthy even during those scorching summer months? The secret lies in managing the sunlight they receive.
Consider using indirect light instead of directly exposing them to those harsh rays. It surrounds your plants from every direction. This way, even the deeper layers of the canopy aren't left in the shadows. This makes for healthier growth. Plus, there's a bonus: indirect light is consistent, meaning there are no scorching "hot spots" to worry about.
But how do you achieve this perfect lighting? There's what we call shade cloth. This cloth is excellent at cutting down on excessive light and heat. It acts as a protective screen. It can effectively diffuse sunlight and shield plants from summer's heat. In addition, it's also great on freezing days.

Beat Plant Hydration: How to Water Them Effectively

Summer's heat can be annoying, and it doesn't just affect us - our plants feel it, too. So, how do you ensure they get their fill?
A gentle, hand-watering session might be best for those delicate plants. It's like giving your plants a personal spa day, though it takes some time. However, if you've got tropical plants, overhead misting is the way to go. These plants need moisture on their leaves, just like in their natural habitat.
Are you planning a vacation? That doesn't mean you should leave your plants thirsty. Automatic watering systems are here to save the day. You can program them, and they'll make sure your plants get their daily water dose.
If you're in a place where the air feels like a desert, try this trick: dampen your greenhouse floor. As the day goes on, this water evaporates and adds some much-needed moisture to the air, giving your plants a comfy environment.
There is really no need to sweat about summer! Those are some cool tips to ensure your greenhouse plants stay happy even when the sun's blazing. So, with these tips, your plants are all set to rock the summer. Happy gardening!

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