Livestock Barn Ventilation Curtain Benefits

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Livestock Barn Ventilation Curtain Benefits

Most farmers today prefer to build a barn with fabric curtain sidewalls rather than a solid wall. The pigs, turkeys, and dairy/beef animals are kept in a barn and may require natural ventilation. This is possible by constructing a barn with curtain sidewalls. Natural ventilation removes not only heat and moisture from the structure but also odors and gasses. The livestock curtain system allows the farmer to control the temperature and moisture in the barn by raising and lowering the curtain as needed.
Choosing the best livestock barn ventilation curtain can be difficult. The hem on the pockets is the most common issue with a curtain. Some livestock curtain manufacturers make a curtain with three rows of stitches. Three rows of stitches in the hem extend material life. Some offer an RF Heat Welded hem, which eliminates the need for thread entirely. RF Welding creates a stronger permanent bond between the two layers than sewing. 
AutoVent manufactures a complete line of environmental ventilation controllers for use with any curtain manufactures curtain fabric on agricultural buildings. They can even control  Ventilation Ducts to provide positive pressure ventilation throughout the barn. Positive pressure ventilation brings in clean, fresh air from the outside and forces air from inside the barn to the outside.

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Our 24 volt motors and controls tie in well with your existing system or work perfectly in new installations. Easy installation makes the AutoVent system the right choice for your facility.

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Light Deprivation

Adding a Light DEP system benefits you through an improved product, an increased bottom line, and more eco-friendly growing practices.

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