Wind damage to greenhouses

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Greenhouse Wind Damage Prevention Through Automated Greenhouse Ventilation Curtains

Wind damage is the most damaging of all the adverse effects that climate, elements, and weather patterns may have on greenhouses.
Wind damage can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Wind can rip apart your structures, damage plastic, and set production and profits behind for weeks and weeks due to the sheer intensity of the winds and unforeseeable debris delivered by a storm.
One thing is sure: greenhouse producers must be aware of the risks posed by wind and safeguard and prevent themselves as much as possible. But how exactly? While you can't avoid storms and wind, here are some of the best ways greenhouse farmers can prepare for the inevitable while protecting their most valuable agricultural asset.
Install wind-sensing ventilation controls.
Ridge vents are the most sensitive to wind damage. If it gets windy, open ridge vents can be ripped right off the structure. This can be eliminated by having the vent closed when it's windy. 
A wind sensor is almost required for unattended operation.
Repair and replace greenhouse components regularly.
Maintenance is essential to the longevity of any greenhouse. Aside from using only high-quality materials to construct your greenhouse, owners should watch for any components that may need to be replaced due to wear and tear over time.
This category includes steel supports, timber, hoops, foundation fastenings, and covers. Even under modest wind strength, small holes or breaches in coverings can be worn out, expanded, and eventually totally removed by winds—sometimes abruptly when it's too late.
Wind can also weaken and overturn structural supports. Make sure to schedule some form of building maintenance or yearly inspection. 
If you must build on a slope, choose slopes that face south or east (if you must build on or near a slope). Greenhouses on north or west-facing hills, on the other hand, are subject to the most unpredictable and damaging winds.
When all of these precautions are combined, you can have the most wind-protected greenhouse in the industry. There are no better ways to avoid it!

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