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Have you ever wondered how to shield your crops from harsh weather while also making the most out of every inch of your greenhouse space? We have the perfect solution for you. Our specialized light deprivation supplies are designed to help you create a unique greenhouse setup that perfectly suits your needs.
You can have a system using a covering material called blackout poly. The said material is rolled over a curved structure. This way, you can maximize the available space for your crops inside without wasting an inch of space.
But what if you are in a region But what if you are in a region with frequent snowfalls? Don't worry, we have thought of that too! The system can be installed over a lightweight frame right inside your greenhouse. This kind of installation is generally preferred in climates that have to deal with rough weather conditions. Through this setup, your plants will have an extra layer of protection.

Optimize Your Greenhouse with Our Light DEP Systems

Are you wondering how to enhance your greenhouse setup without breaking the bank? Our systems are designed to work wonderfully in freestanding greenhouses. They might be the solution you've been looking for.
One major perk of using our systems is maximizing your greenhouse space. How? By installing our systems on the outside! This way, the inside of your greenhouse remains spacious.
What's even better? We won't give you a one-size-fits-all package. Your order will be tailored to fit your needs. We'll take into account your greenhouse size and budget, as well as the kind of automated systems you use. So, you get a system that feels like it was made just for you.

The Rise of Light Deprivation in Cannabis Cultivation

Do you know the cannabis industry in the United States is fast-growing? Here are some statistics and insights into how light deprivation techniques play a huge role in this booming sector.
First, with cannabis legalization, 68% of the population is in places where marijuana is a legal commodity. This involves 34 states, along with D.C., where medical marijuana laws are in place. Moreover, in 12 states, people can legally purchase marijuana for recreational use.
In terms of the economic aspect, the cannabis industry is witnessing an impressive surge. In 2019, the legal sales of cannabis amounted to a whopping $18 billion. Experts estimate that by the year 2025, we will have a potential market size of $41 billion. Yes, you read it right—$41 billion!
But with great power comes great responsibility. To secure a foothold in this competitive market, growers must adapt. The consensus among many cannabis cultivators is that utilizing light deprivation can indeed be a game-changer. Light deprivation allows better control over the plant's life cycle. As a result, they'll have more harvests and higher earnings.

The Magic Behind Light Deprivation in Cannabis Cultivation: How Does It Work?

If you are immersed in cannabis cultivation, you might already be familiar with a powerful technique called light deprivation. But what is it exactly, and how does it work?
Light deprivation is a method where growers control the light and dark periods that cannabis plants experience. This give them control over their steering growth and flowering cycles. This technique borrows principles from using grow lamps in indoor cultivation, where they strike a precise balance of light and darkness to encourage flourishing growth.
Let's have a quick botany lessons to understand this technique better. Plants have a natural response to light, a phenomenon known as photoperiodism. Depending on the season and the duration of daylight it brings, plants are nudged to start the flowering process.
Generally, plants are classified into two categories:
Short-day plants: These plants begin to flower as the days get shorter. It usually starts in late summer to early fall. Cannabis is an example of a short-day plant.
Long-day plants: These plants kickstart their flowering process when the days lengthen, typically in spring.
The fascinating thing about cannabis is that it naturally gears up to flower in September, a characteristic of short-day plants. However, growers found a way to coax cannabis plants into blooming even outside this period through light deprivation.
But the benefits of light deprivation don't end there. Light deprivation can also significantly enhance the quality of the crop. Naturally, cannabis achieves peak flowering as summer transitions into fall. Sadly, this temperature drop can hinder the buds from reaching their maximum potential size. However, using light deprivation, growers can simulate an earlier arrival of the seasonal change, promoting flowering in warmer weather. This leads to buds blossoming into full, chunky flowers, promising a more robust and healthier yield.
Hence, creating "blackout" phases lets you trick the plants into thinking it's time to bloom. It means you aren't limited to harvesting just once a year. You can encourage flowering regardless of the natural light conditions. And you know what more harvest cycle means? More money!

Amazing Benefits of Light Deprivation for Your Greenhouse

You can upgrade your cannabis greenhouse to be more productive and eco-friendly at the same time! Wondering how? Integrating a light deprivation system could be the golden ticket you're looking for.

Harvest all year round

Light deprivation allows for a controlled environment. It means you can yield harvests all year. This is true no matter the weather conditions or levels of natural sunlight.

More Harvest Cycles = More Profits

Light deprivation allows for a controlled environment. It means you can yield harvests all year. This is true no matter the weather conditions or levels of natural sunlight.

More control over crop schedules

Instead of leaving the growth of your crops to the whims of nature, you can decide when they will flower. In other words, you'll have complete control over your harvest periods.

Fast Market Sales

By syncing your harvests with market demands, your crops can be sold when their value is at its peak. They won't sit around waiting; they'll sell faster, meaning you'll be cashing in quicker.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

One of the best things about light deprivation is that it often eliminates the need for electric grow lights. What does this mean for you? A significant cut down on electricity bills and a more environmentally friendly greenhouse with a smaller carbon footprint.
To sum it up, adding a light deprivation system to your cannabis greenhouse is like giving it a superpower. You get a superior product, make more money, and reduce your environmental impact. It's like hitting the jackpot in the world of cannabis cultivation! So, if you want to stay ahead and give your crops the best, consider diving into the world of light deprivation.

Simplifying Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation: The Route to Automated Light Deprivation

Are you a cannabis grower overwhelmed with manually managing light deprivation in your greenhouse? Good news! Automation can make things easier for you. Let's explore how you can automate the process for better results and a smoother growing experience.
When newcomers enter the realm of cannabis cultivation, they often start with the basic approach of controlling light manually. This involves covering their plants with blackout tarps or light-proof covers to regulate the light the plants receive. Usually, this means a cycle where plants enjoy 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, popularly known as the 12/12 light deprivation cycle.
But here's the thing: doing it all manually is not just taxing but demands punctuality. Imagine being on standby every day, ready to roll down the tarps at exactly 7 PM and uncover them at 7 AM. Yes, timing is indeed everything in light deprivation.
What if we told you there was an easier way? Thankfully, automated controllers have come to the rescue of growers, revolutionizing greenhouse operations. With automation, you simply set your preferred light and dark hours, and the system takes care of the rest. It's like having a virtual helper who is precise and punctual every single day!
But automation doesn't stop at controlling light; it brings much more to the table. During the "blackout" periods, it helps maintain a favorable environment inside your greenhouse. It can get pretty hot and humid in there. These conditions are the best environment for nutrient deficiencies and pest infestations.
By incorporating automated controllers, you can easily control temperature and humidity levels. It ensures that while the plants are in the dark, they are still protected from extreme conditions.

Tailored Solutions for Efficient Light Deprivation

Don’t know how to start boosting your greenhouse's production? You're in luck because we have just the solution.
Our offerings are far from one-size-fits-all. We craft automated light deprivation systems that align perfectly with your greenhouse's needs.
Curious about what's included in this special package? Here's a quick rundown:
Light deprivation curtain: A special covering for your greenhouse to help control light.
Timed controller: A device that automatically controls when the curtain opens and closes.
Low voltage motor: A power-saving device that helps move the curtain.
Blackout fabric: Ensures complete darkness when you want it, perfect for controlling light exposure.
But that's not even the best part. What makes our systems stand out is our unique design approach. Our systems are crafted to roll on the outside of your greenhouse. Why does that matter? By doing this, you don't lose any precious space inside your greenhouse. This gives you more room to grow extra crops and even set up additional lighting or growing systems.
So, your getting a greenhouse optimized from the inside out. You can control your plant's growth environment precisely while also maximizing the space you have for growing. It's a win-win!
So why wait? Elevate your greenhouse with our specially crafted light deprivation systems. Contact us now!

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