Milking Parlor Curtains: Livestock Building Curtains

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Milking Parlor Curtains: Livestock Building Curtains 

The curtains that separate your milking parlor will need to be fashioned differently than your standard barn curtain - for one thing, there will be a lot more up-and-down motion regularly. This, combined with temperature variations, makes milking parlor curtains no laughing matter. AutoVent understands the importance of a milking parlor curtain and has taken extra precautions to create the best product possible.
The milking parlor must be kept warm. It keeps your employees happy you happy and reduces the likelihood of accidents and frozen fingers. Cows will slip if it becomes icy.
Parlor curtains are made of insulated curtain material, which is a layered material with enclosed air pockets to ensure minimal interference from outside temperatures. Even when raising and lowering the curtain during milking, this insulation is critical to preventing heat loss through the material when covering the upper end of an entrance (where heat tends to rise and collect).
Standard parlor curtains are made from large sheets with pole pockets at the top and  bottom.
  There are three primary modes of curtain operation:
a. Bottom rolling curtain
These curtains have a bar or pole installed at the bottom, and when the curtain is raised, the pole is rotated to roll the curtain around the pole and raise the curtain's level.
b.  Center Rolling curtain
Doesn't it sound similar? A center rolling curtain works similarly to a bottom rolling curtain, but the rotating pole is located in the middle of the fabric. As the fabric winds around the middle bar, the bottom of the curtain can rise and fall.
c. Seat belt rolling
As the name implies, this method is based on a  system that uses seat belt material to go entirely around the material. A pipe mounted at the top rotates and winds up one end of the belts. The other end is fastened. This lifts all the fabric, as the belt goes under the curtain, and back up to the ceiling. The straps lift the curtain as the pipe rotates, "scrunching" the curtain toward the top to create the opening.
Regardless of how your curtain system is configured, an insulated milking parlor curtain can reduce heating costs and ensure that your environment is comfortable for cattle and humans. If you have any questions about our curtain capabilities or ordering procedures, please call 610 987 0488 or visit our YouTube channel.

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