How Fans Are Controlled in Greenhouses in the United States

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If you're growing plants in a greenhouse, you know the fan's role is super important. Depending on what you're growing and where you are, you might need the fan to work differently at different times. That's why fan control equipment is essential. These gadgets let you decide how fast the fan spins or if it's on or off. Most of the time, greenhouses want their fans to run steadily for a stable climate. But, some growers like to mix it up and change the fan settings for various reasons.

Why Do Greenhouses Use Fan Controllers?

Ever wonder why fans in the greenhouse don't just blast air at full speed all the time? Let's delve into three main reasons why greenhouses often use fan controllers:

Matching Airflow to Plant Needs

Different plants, at different growth stages, need varying amounts of airflow. Take cannabis plants, for instance. Younger plants in the early stages might not need as much air as the big, mature ones. As plants grow, you can change the airspeed to fit their size. To do this, sensors are set up and connected to fan controllers. These sensors help adjust the fan to get the right temperature, humidity, or airspeed.

Keeping Things Quiet

Not all growers want their fans running at full speed all the time, especially if they're loud. Fan controllers can help reduce the noise by slowing down the fan. This might mean the fan isn't working at its best, but it's a trade-off some are willing to make, especially if they don't always need the fan at 100% speed.

Saving on Electricity Bills

Fans use up energy, but did you know you can save some of that energy with the right controls? There's a rule: if you lower the speed, you can save a lot on power consumption. Different types of controllers help in this, like frequency controllers, which can save a lot of energy. However, if you slow down one fan too much, you might need more fans to get the job done. Some greenhouse owners think ahead and get special fans that use less energy in the long run.

Which Controllers Do Greenhouses Usually Pick?

A lot of people go for the manual variable speed controller. It's pretty straightforward. You can easily change the fan speed based on the plants' needs or whatever's happening in the greenhouse. If someone wants a more advanced option, they can go for fancier ones. These controllers can communicate with a bigger system and adjust the fan speed accordingly. Of course, there are even more high-tech options out there. But they might be a bit pricey. So, smaller greenhouses usually stick to simpler controllers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fan Controllers for Greenhouses

What to watch out for when installing control equipment in greenhouses?
When putting in control equipment, think hard about your end goal. Your choice should zoom in on your specific cultivation needs. A simple but crucial tip: double-check your power source! In the U.S., the standard requirement is 120V or 230V. Make sure your power source and equipment match the key.

Does controller use vary from place to place?

Yes, indeed! Places with steady climates and minimal temperature shifts may not need to adjust controls as often. But managing controls to meet crop needs becomes essential in areas with a rollercoaster of seasons and temperatures.

How does a fan controller affect the crop?

With the right control, tweaking temperature and air speed becomes a breeze. This helps keep a consistent microclimate in the greenhouse. Thanks to this, you can sidestep potential greenhouse problems.

Can you use controllers with every fan?

Here's a nugget of wisdom: not all fans are controllable, or at least not in every way you might wish! So, it's a smart move to inspect your fans' capabilities before splashing out on controllers. Some fans might say they're adjustable in speed, but doing so might shorten their life. Worse, tweaking its speed can mess up its ability to maintain a steady climate.

Got Questions about Your Greenhouse Fans?

If you're curious about how control equipment might change things for your fans, or if you're just looking to level up your greenhouse climate, give us a shout! Drop a message in our contact form, and our experts will gladly guide you.

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