An Energy-Saving Curtain and Fan Controller

An Intelligent Vent and Fan Controller Using Wind Speed and Temperature.

The programmable Captain series offers convenient automatic control
of most greenhouse ventilation and lighting equipment. The system includes a
temperature probe for ambient temperature, and also interfaces with an optional anemometer sensing wind speed for additional energy savings. The Controller can also use Humidity for optimal environmental control.

• Six or ten equipment channels
• Humidity Sensor uses THI for optimal control
• Switches fans off when it’s windy outside to save electricity
• The warmer the temperature the faster the variable speed fan spins
• Optional Anemometer measures the prevailing wind
• Humidity Compensated Control
• Touchscreen interface, Easy to change settings
• Fahrenheit and Celsius display
• Individual adjustable temperature set-points for each stage
• Six or ten relay outputs 10 amp
• Rugged enclosure (corrosion resistant and water-resistant)

Note: Each independent vent uses 2 switches. Each independent fan or heater uses 1 switch. This means you can have any combination as long as it doesn’t use more than six or ten switches.

Tech features:
• 1 temperature sensor
• 120/240 input power
• 6 or 10 bank output
• (6) or (10) 7.5 AMP SPDT outputs
• Controls up to 20 variable speed drives per 0-10 V bank
• Humidity sensor for THI or Amp Sensor for Smart overload protection
• Optional Rain Sensors

DescriptionPart Number
CAPTAIN 6 - 6 relay output.CP60-D
CAPTAIN 6 with integrated 20 amp dc motor power.CP60PS-D
CAPTAIN 10 - 10 relay output.CP100-D
CAPTAIN 10 with intergrated 20 amp dc motor power.CP100PS-D
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