VFD Variable Speed Drives

AutoVent variable speed drives come in a variety of sizes

Dairy cow friendly VFD variable speed drives.
Ultra low ground current leakage make them the prefered choice in dairy facilities.

Works with any regular 3 phase motor.
Infinitely adjustable  speed.

Benefits for all the units:
• Varied motor speed in infinite steps.
• Sealed enclosure for agriculture environments.
• Clear enclosure lid and Full-screen LCD to displays status.
• Compatible with ordinary three-phase motors.
• Tested cow friendly.
• Ultra low ground current leakage.
• Easy to install.
• Can be used as a phase converter
• Monitor and change settings over the internet
• Fans
• Conveyors
• Mixers
• Material Handling
• Fans and Pumps
Integrated logic controller
If you have machine with a motor and several sensors, it can be
the brain for the machine. We have specialized tools and skills to add custom logic features into its thinking. * Min quantity of 20 per year. 

Tech features:
• Works with single or three-phase input power.
• Converts single-phase to three-phase.
• Compatible with all three-phase motors.
• Circuit breaker for easy use.
• Non-metallic UL - Nema 4x enclosure

Part Number Scheme
Variable Speed Drive part number scheme
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