Variable Speed Drives

The programmable Fan Chief offers convenient automatic control of your fan circuits for your dairy barn.

Dairy cow friendly VFD variable speed drives.
Ultra low ground current leakage make them the prefered choice in dairy facilities.
Works with any regular 3 phase motor.
Infinitely adjustable  speed.

Benefits for all the units:

Varied motor speed in infinite steps.
Sealed enclosure for agriculture environments.
Clear enclosure lid and Full-screen LCD to displays status.
Compatible with ordinary three-phase motors.
Tested cow friendly.
Ultra low ground current leakage.
Easy to install.
Can be used as a phase converter
Monitor and change settings over the internet

Integrated logic controller
If you have machine with a motor and several sensors, it can be
the brain for the machine. We have specialized tools and skills to add custom logic features into its thinking. * Min quantity of 20 per year. 

Tech features:

Works with single or three-phase input power.
Compatible with all three-phase motors.
Circuit breaker for easy use.
Non-metallic UL - Nema 4x enclosure


Material Handling
Fans and Pumps

VFD Variable Speed Drives


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