An Energy-Saving Curtain and Fan Controller

Enjoy a weather station for your curtains in an easy to use touchscreen interface.

The programmable controller offers convenient automatic
control of curtains, fans, soakers, and lights.

• Matches dairy cows. Designed exclusively for cows.
•  Parameters make sense for calves and dairy.
• Keeps bedding dryer with rain and wind sensing.
• Advanced rain-sensing. Only closes curtains towards the storm with a single rain sensor.
• Saves time. Curtains move with the weather.
• Optimal livestock comfort by automatically moving curtains to ideal position.
• Prevent mishaps. Monitors curtain load.
• Convenient touch screen. Shows history of curtain movements.
• Easy to wire sensors. Wiring aids built into the weather station.
• Convenient to wire. All large Philips screw terminals.
• Fast and easy Dc motor ready with the KVT-400PS. Just connect power and motor leads.
• Online temperature graphing and monitoring.
• Online,  curtain movement graphing
• Remotely operate curtains online.
Wifi or embedded connectivity options.
• Expandable up to 15 curtains and 10 fan circuits.

Tech features:
• Internals apps for
---- curtains
---- fans
---- feedline soakers
---- tunnel fans
---- lights
• 1 temperature sensor
• Rain sensor
• Wind direction sensor
• Wind speed sensor
• Optional humidity or ammonia sensor
• 120/240 input power
• 10 bank output
• (10) 7.5 AMP SPDT outputs
• (1) 0-10v - Controls up to 20 variable speed drives
• 8 output Expansion box adds 8 relays & (2) 0-10v banks
• 16 output expansion box adds 16 relays and (2) 0-10v banks
• Wifi gateway needs to be within range of a hotspot
• Cell gateway connects over annual ATT service by AutoVent.

DescriptionPart number
KVT-400 - 10 relay output.KVT-400
KVT-400 - with integrated 20 amp dc motor power.KVT-400PS
KVT-400 EXPANSION - 8 relay output.KVT-EX802
KVT-400 EXPANSION - 16 relay output.KVT-EX1602
FarmShield Gateway.AV-GWifi
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