An Energy-Saving Fan Controller

An Energy-Saving Fan Controller Using Wind Speed and Temperature

The programmable FanChief offers convenient automatic control of your
fan circuits for your dairy barn. The system comes with an anemometer for wind speed and a temperature probe for ambient temperature to control your overhead fans.

• Switches fans off when it’s windy outside to save electricity
• The warmer the temperature the higher the prevailing wind needs to be before the fans turn off.
• Easy to use touchscreen display, monitor the status and change parameters.
• Fahrenheit and Celsius display.
• Rugged enclosure (corrosion resistant and water-resistant).
• Temperature sensor changes the fan speed.
• Optimal summer/winter ventilation with forward and reverse control.
• Override temperature sensor with large override buttons.
• Fan speed increases as the temperature increases.
•  Anemometer to measure the prevailing wind.
• Two relays (NO) and a 0-10-volt speed signal output.

Tech features:
• 1 temperature sensor
• 120/240 volt ac or 24 volt dc input power
• Forward and reverse output
• Controls up to 20 variable speed drives
• Optional Wind Sensor

FanChiefPart Number
24vdc input.FCT -1
120vac input.FCT -1AC
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