Vent Motor Interface

Benefits :

Connects low voltage vent motors to  computers.
High current , reversing 10 or 20 amp motor outputs .
Easy to understand wiring. Indicator lights for each vent  motor and computer connection.
Manual Automatic switches. Allows you to override the computer
Circuit breaker technology no more fuses to replace in the dead of winter.
Individual Circuit breaker for each motor sized according to your needs. — 5, 7.5, 10, 15-amp selection.
Exclusive design allows longer motor leads.
Sealed NEMA 4x ABS enclosure, nonmetallic.Will not rust or corrode.
Work with all 24 Volt DC motors
Very popular for greenhouses operations.
120/240v input. 480v optional.  600 watt
Wiring diagram


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24 Volt Curtain Motor Controls


Part numberNumber of motorsMax. output ampsOverride togglesVent interfaceFuse sizesEnclosure size
CMR-0224110Yesdry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CMR-3224210Yesdry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CMR-3224-5220Yesdry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CMR-0424-5420Yesdry contact5,7.5,1011x15x6
CRR-0224110Nodry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CRR-3224210Nodry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CRR-3224-5220Nodry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CRR-0424420Nodry contact5,7.5,1011x15x6
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