An Intelligent Vent and Fan Controller Using Wind Speed and Temperature.


Six or ten equipment channels
Humidity Sensor uses THI for optimal control
Switches fans off when it’s windy outside to save electricity
The warmer the temperature the faster the variable speed fan spins
Rain sensor options.
Humidity Compensated Control
Touchscreen interface, Easy to change settings
Fahrenheit and Celsius display
Individual adjustable temperature set-points for each stage
Six or ten relay outputs 10 amp
Rugged enclosure (corrosion resistant and water-resistant)

Note: Each independent vent uses 2 switches. Each independent fan or heater uses 1 switch. This means you can have any combination as long as it doesn’t use more than six or ten switches.

Tech features:

1 temperature sensor
120/240 input power
6 or 10 bank output
(6) or (10) 7.5 AMP SPDT outputs
Controls up to 20 variable speed drives per 0-10 V bank
Humidity sensor for THI or Amp Sensor for Smart overload protection
Optional Rain Sensors

Farmers operate their livestock buildings year around. This means manually operated livestock curtains and fans require lots of attention if operated for the animal's best performance.

Eliminate manual cranking curtains and switching breakers with AutoVent Captain environmental controllers for livestock buildings and barns.

Give your dairy cows, beef cows, and other livestock the automatic ventilation they deserve.

The Captain controls are a good temperature and rain based environmental controller for curtains. They don't do wind direction and are considered our base-level livestock controller.
For a complete weather station barn controller, check out the KVT-400.

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