24 Volt Curtain Motor Controls

AutoVent manual 24 volt motor controls

Benefits for all the units:
• Circuit breaker technology no more fuses to replace in the dead of winter.
• Individual Circuit breaker for each motor sized according to your needs. — 5, 7.5, 10, 15-amp selection.
• Exclusive design allows longer motor leads.
• Sealed NEMA 4x ABS enclosure, nonmetallic.Will not rust or corrode.
• High efficiency, rugged transformer design.
• Work with all 24 Volt DC motors•
• Large, Easy-to-wire box.
• Very popular in dairy operations.
• 10 or 20 amp output options.


Part numberNumber of motorsMax. output ampsOverride togglesVent interfaceFuse sizesEnclosure size
CMR-0224110Yesdry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CMR-3224210Yesdry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CMR-3224-5220Yesdry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CMR-0424-5420Yesdry contact5,7.5,1011x15x6
CRR-0224110Nodry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CRR-3224210Nodry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CRR-3224-5220Nodry contact5,7.5,107x11x6
CRR-0424420Nodry contact5,7.5,1011x15x6
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